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Northamptonshire County Council v AS and Ors (Rev 1) [2015] EWHC 199 (Fam)

Lianne Murphy represented a Mother in this landmark case. This was the first reported HRA damages claim, within care proceedings and was heard before Mr Justice Keehan. The local authority was ordered to pay damages of £17,000 to a child, the mother and the paternal grandparents under breaches of their Article 6 and Article 8 […]

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B (A Child) [2014] EWCC B55 (Fam) 17 January 2014

Abigail Turner was involved in care proceedings involving allegations of shaken baby syndrome resulting in the Court confirming caution is to be taken when an unknown medical cause could be at play.

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Re P (A Child) NCC v (1) LC (2) GA (3) P (A Child) (2015)

Grant Keyes appeared in proceedings where a placement order was made where a two-year-old boy’s needs could not be met by either of his parents who had abused drugs and exposed him to a chaotic lifestyle. It was held that long-term fostering did not have the same level of security.

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NCC v L & Another (2014) EWHC 4828 (Fam)

Samantha Dunn represented the Local Authority in care proceedings where the child was Latvian. The Mother was represented by Hannah Mettam and the child was represented through their Guardian by Lianne Murphy. The Court determined that a two pronged approach to determining whether the English courts held sufficient jurisdiction to determine care proceedings was appropriate. […]

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ED, Re [2015] EWFC B84 (29 May 2015)

Lucy Fairclough represented the local authority in care proceedings involving injuries sustained to a six-week-old baby including subdural haemorrhage and bilateral haemorrhages to the eyes in varying layers. Hannah Mettam represented the mother and Michelle Christie represented the father.

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C (A Child: Fact Finding: Delay) [2014] EWFC B72 (21 November 2014)

Michelle Christie represented the local authority and Abigail Turner appeared on behalf of the father in proceedings concerning a child who had sustained a vertical skull fracture. The Judge found that the injury was caused by an unfortunate and tragic accident and determined that the section 31 threshold criteria was not made out. The Judge […]

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T (A Child: Fact Finding) [2014] EWFC B115 (12 September 2014)

Samantha Dunn represented a father in care proceedings whereby the Local Authority were seeking to prove that the child had sustained a non accidental inflicted head injury resulting in bilateral subdural fluid collections over the child’s cerebral hemispheres. The most likely mechanism of causation suggested by the experts was shaking. The expert evidence was challenged […]

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Re: S, A, JA & J (Children) [2015] EWFC B116

Laura O’Malley appeared on behalf of the third respondent father when Care and Placement Orders were made in respect of the two younger children, ‘JA’ and ‘J’ and a Child Arrangement Order and a 12 month Supervision Order was made in relation to one of their elder siblings ‘A’ in a case of long-standing chronic […]

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Milton Keynes Council v A, B, X and Y (Muslim Children, Special Guardianship) [2014] EWFC B102 (14 May 2014)

Daniel Sheridan acted for the Children’s Guardian in care and adoption proceedings in the Family Court. These proceedings considered, inter alia, the need to look at special guardianship, as opposed to adoption, when care planning for children who, because of cultural or religious factors, could not be adopted.

In English law, an adoption order has the effect […]

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OCC v B & T [2015] EWFC B73 (18 June 2013)

Daniel Sheridan acted for the Mother in care and adoption proceedings in the Family Court. The Mother was profoundly deaf. Prior to proceedings being instigated, professionals involved in working with the Mother had failed to conduct a proper assessment of the Mother’s communication needs.

So as to ensure that the Mother’s communication needs were met Dr […]

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Senate House Chambers are pleased to announce that they have been ranked in the Legal 500 United Kingdom

Senate House Chambers are pleased to announce that they have been ranked in the Legal 500 United Kingdom – the leading guide to law firms and solicitors for the 2nd year running. Congratulations to Michelle Christie, Lianne Murphy, Hannah Mettam and Daniel Sheridan who have each been recognised as leading juniors in their field by […]

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Chambers is delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted as Chambers of the Year (Regional) at the 2018 Family Law Awards

Chambers is delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted as Chambers of the Year (Regional) at the 2018 Family Law Awards. Chambers could not have reached this incredible milestone without the invaluable support of all of our lay and professional client’s. We are also delighted to announce that two of our door tenants, John […]

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Senate House Chambers are shortlisted ‘Regional Chambers of the Year’ at the Family Law Awards 2016

Senate House Chambers is delighted to report that we have been shortlisted for the very prestigious Regional Chambers of the Year Award at the 6th Family Law Awards. We are shortlisted against only three other sets, all of whom are large, well established and highly regarded city Chambers. We are honoured to be sitting amongst […]

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March 2016

Members of Senate House will be joining in raising funds for essential legal services in Northampton. We would be most grateful for your support.

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Senate House Chambers Seminars

Senate House Chambers is committed to the training and mentoring of our not only our own barristers but also of other legal professionals. Chambers regularly holds lectures, seminars and a variety of events across all of its Practice Areas.

All lectures, seminars and events are accredited for Continuing Professional Development (“CPD”) by the Law Society and […]

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February 2016

Chambers is absolutely delighted to announce that our Nicola Jane Smith has been appointed as a District Judge. With a heavy heart in bidding her farewell from the Bar, we likewise wish her the very best of success in the next phase of career.

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January 2016

Chambers is delighted to announce that our delightful door tenant, Mr Cyrus Larizadeh, received formal approval for appointment as Queen’s Counsel (QC). Full article refers: Her Majesty the Queen has approved the appointment of 107 new Queen’s Counsel (QC).

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